| Parwan | Jebel as Saraj and Gulbohar

Jebel as Saraj and Gulbohar are important market towns situated on the north edge of Koh e Daman, a vast plain crossed by the Salang, Ghorband and Panjshir rivers. Since earliest times, the agricultural potential of the area enabled settlement, and the Kushan capital was located to the south at Begram. Traditionally the 'bread-basket' of Kabul, the area was partially de-populated during the conflict of the 1980s with many villages destroyed. Jebel as Saraj's strategic location on the main route to the north (through the Salang tunnel) meant that it suffered damage, as did Gulbohar due to it being the 'gate' of the Panjshir valley.

Photos (c) Jolyon Leslie

Cleaning karez near Charikar Parwan 1990
Traditional homes in Gulbohar bazaar Parwan 1990
Traditional housing in Gulbohar Parwan 1990
Gulbohar bazaar Parwan 1990
Ruins of war-damaged village homes near Chaykal Parwan  1991
View from Pul e Mattak looking east early spring 1991
View of Jebel as Saraj government buildings looking south  towards Salang river 2004
Entrance to Qasr e Jebel as Saraj Parwan 2004
Ruins of Qasr e Jebel as Saraj Parwan 2004
Damage to Qasr e Jebel as Saraj 2004
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