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Nimroz province in the far south-west of Afghanistan has a rich built heritage that dates back to the early Islamic period. Changes in the course of the Helmand river have since reduced the potential for irrigated agriculture, on which the region's prosperity depended. Ruins of palatial fortified homes still stand in what is now desert, marked with traces of now-redundant irrigation networks, east of the provincial capital Zaranj. The area along the banks of the Helmand river are prone to seasonal flooding, and the images of displaced families were taken during UN relief operations in 1991.

Photos (c) Jolyon Leslie

Aerial view of village on banks of Hemland river, Nimroz, 1990.
Detail of ruined qala near Nade Ali, Nimroz, 1990.
Family compound outside Zaranj, Nimruz, 1990.
Ruins of qala near Nade Ali, Nimroz, 1990.
Temporary shelter of displaced family, Nimroz, 1990
Young girl displaced by floods, Nade Ali, Nimroz, 1990.
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