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Images taken in 2006 and 2015 of the Masjid Jame, the ruins of the Chilsitun mosque and a village cistern in the village of Ziaratgah, south of Herat.

Photos by Jolyon Leslie (c) 2015.

Ruins of Chihilsitun mosque Ziaratgah 2006
Courtyard east side Masjid Jame Ziaratgah 2006
Interior Masjid Jame Ziaratgah 2006
Cistern Ziaratgah 2006
View from south west of rear of main iwan 2015
Courtyard of the mosque complex looking west 2015
View of courtyard from the north east 2015
Soffit of main dome in west iwan 2015
Tilework dedication over the mosque entrance 2015
Fragments of tilework dado in west iwan 2015
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